USA Gymnastic’s Official Song

We’re so happy for the women’s and men’s USA Gymnastic teams in the Olympic Games.  We honored to have been commissioned to write USA Gymnastic’s “Official Song”; “When You Put Your Heart in It.”  Over the years, the song has been performed at various White House events, the women’s team has performed on stage at the American Music Awards (to 2 billion viewers), it’s been on multiple network television special events, it’s been covered over and over on Olympic Games telecasts, it’s gone #2 on the Billboard “Adult Contemporary Charts” — with ~10,000,000,000 brand impressions — emotionally branding USA Gymnastics.

That’s what you call a ‘brand anthem.’


Inspire Tapped as Music Supervisors for New Form Digital Series’

new form ronNew Form Digital is a cutting-edge digital film studio — with principals Ron Howard, Brian Grazer, Ed Wilson (Fox), and Jim Wiatt (William Morris), and backed by Discovery.

With 16 projects currently slated, New Form Digital has tapped Inspire to be its Music Supervisor on various shows; including curating composers and songs for its projects.

“We’re honored to partner with New Form Digital — and we’re excited about exploring new ways to infuse scoring and songs into contemporary shows,” said Jimmy Dunne, President of Inspire.

Inspire’s current projects include New Form’s “Do Over,” “Miss Earth,” and “Mr. Student Body President.”

Recent article in TechCrunch on New Form Digital:


UC Merced’s Alma Mater

merced logoWe had the honor to write the Alma Mater for California’s tenth and newest university — UC Merced.

With 11,000 undergraduates and growing exponentially, UC Merced is a unique university located in the San Joaquin Valley — and the first American research university to be built in the 21st century.

Jimmy Dunne met with a number of the members of the University’s Board at the university, and had numerous meetings with students, the university’s band, parents, and the university’s leadership — talking about the story and soul of the university.  His greatest research was taking walks through the campus and its classrooms — listening to the hearts of its passionate students and teachers.

He wrote “My Merced,” a song that speaks to the profound effect of this nurturing home on its students’ lives.

Jimmy Dunne and Stephan Oberhoff produced a number of versions of the motif and melody (along with exceptional musicians/singers) — affording UC Merced to incorporate the audio branding into myriad touchpoints and events at the university.




Palisades Village

Caruso Affiliated engaged Inspire (owners of The Grove, Americana at Brand, Westlake Village, 6500 Burton Way, and many other prominent real estate developments) to provide strategic branding services to an extraordinary new project in the town of Pacific Palisades, California.

International Kids Yoga Day 2017

After an enormously successful global launch of “Kids’ Yoga Day 2016” with tens of thousands of kids in countries all around the world, we’re partnering again this year with Teresa Power, who is leading the charge around the globe to bring yoga to kids in every country imaginable.

We’ve been involved with Teresa in shaping her brand story — and in creating the promotional tools around that brand story.

Teresa is on fire; she’s now sold 250,000 of her NY Times Bestseller book, “The ABC’s of Yoga for Kids,” and launching numerous new products in her product line.

She’s making a spectacular difference in the world – and we’re honored to a part of her journey getting there.







John Putnam is the most formidable leader of producing clothing accessories, having created 50,000,000+ hats for leading retailers around the world.

John has teamed with Inspire to brand the launching of a number of private label brands; many involving leading sports, music and entertainment stars around the world.


Inspire President Jimmy Dunne has been tapped as a featured presenter at the upcoming Digital Entertainment World Expo, held in Los Angeles, California.

The Digital Entertainment World Expo is a leading global music conference, featuring many of the most celebrated thought-leaders around the globe; including, Jimmy Chamberlin (The Smashing Pumpkins), Jason Feinberg (Pandora), Kevin Charnett (Live Nation), Jennifer Prince (Twitter), Mark Caplan (Sony Pictures Entertainment),  Jesse Uram (Creative Artists Agency), Thom Gruhler (Microsoft), Ralf Jacob (Verizon), Kevin Mayer (Walt Disney Company), Christopher Harrison (Sirius XM Radio Inc.), Leslie Berland (American Express) and many more.

Jimmy will be presenting The Future of Art & Commerce on Thursday, February 11th, 2016.

For more information please visit:

Hollister Co. #SocalStylist

The Inspire team was recently called upon to deliver engaging music for a recent Hollister promotional video. The music was pulled from our talented library of composers, producers and songwriters – Not to mention the song was written and produced by our very own Thomas Fiss.

The song was licensed from a catalogue – A simple sync process. In other cases, we could have provided custom music to fit a client’s particular needs.

Why should you license music for your brand?

So many times clients use “generic” music from cheesy online libraries or use music without permission – Unfortunately, this devalues the brand and results with a “Cease and Desist” letter on your desk from the artist or label. Who wants that?! The value of including tailored music into any project is priceless. It allows you to connect with your consumer on an emotional level that only music can reach. We’d like to deliver it for you.

Hollister Promotion Video