March 11, 2019 Jimmy Dunne

Brand Anthem at Rosewood Miramar

It was a spectacular ribbon-cutting and celebration for one of the most talked-about and anticipated new hotels in the country; the Rosewood Miramar Hotel.

After the speeches by Rob Lowe, Rosewood’s President Radha Arora, and comments by Rick Caruso, they played Miramar’s own song.

As the song ended, performed by Annie Bosko and Julia Lage, Rick Caruso told the story of the “Miramar Song.”

In the rebuilding of the hotel, Caruso’s team found a crumpled, handwritten sheet music to a song, “Miramar.”

Rick Caruso asked Jimmy Dunne (who has written the brand anthems for a number of his other Caruso properties) to play the sheet music and see if there was something there.

Jimmy Dunne thought the song captured the essence and wonder of this historic hotel.  Jimmy Dunne created a revision of the song and produced their new brand anthem.

Here’s Annie Bosko and Julia Lage rehearsing the song in the Grand Ballroom of the Rosewood Miramar…