20th_century_fox-logo E very brand has a graphic logo.

It’s the embodiment of everything the brand aspires to —  with impressions on every letterhead, every PowerPoint, every multi-media presentation, every web application, every t-shirt, every commercial…

As companies are using new media to showcase and promote their brand, graphic logos are being augmented with one of the strongest memory-triggers… Sound.

Multi-media brands have been taking advantage of this for years.  Think of the marriage of 20th Century Fox’s graphic and brand anthem.  Or THX’s stunning brand anthem that you hear before your movie begins in the theatre.  How about NBC’s three-note anthem that accompanies its peacock colors?   Or the brand anthems that open ABC’s “Today Show,” or NBC’s “Nightly News,” or “ESPN” or “The Olympic Games?” Are they important?  Do good ones evoke emotion?  You tell me.

Here’s an example.  A young athlete wins an Olympic Gold medal.  What’s the prize?  You get to stand on a soapbox, and you listen to your country’s brand anthem play out of a speaker as your country’s flag (their graphic identity) rises in the air.  Everyone in the world starts bawling.  That’s the power of a brand anthem.

They make you feel the brand.  They make you experience the brand.

This new wave is catching on fast.  Yahoo declared a distinctive brand voice in its clever anthem of a quartet of young guys belting out “Yahooooo” in a bluegrass harmony.  Every time you turn on your PC, Windows plays an elegant, happy anthem to let you know it’s there for you.    United Airlines tries to elevate its sense of brand with a sophisticated, orchestral anthem of George Gershwin’s “Rhapsody in Blue.”

In the 90’s, the Internet was a visual medium.  Not any more.   YouTube, iTunes and gaming have blown the doors wide open for multi-media experiences as the order-of-the-day on the web. Before we blink, it will be antiquated to go to a Gap.com and not hear its 7-second audio logo.   Johnson and Johnson.  Kelloggs.  Hollisters.  The US Post Office.   Harley Davidson.  They’ll all have brand anthems and audio identities.

That’s where Inspire comes in.

We know more know about this space of where brands and music collide than anyone else.  Period.  We’ve raised the bar in creating anthems for leading retailers, universities, corporations, utilities companies, churches, sports federations… you name it.

Our world-class team includes the best, most credentialed, high-end composers, songwriters, arrangers and artists in Hollywood.

Inspire.  We make your brand sing.