shutterstock_857808Our Process

We have a lot in common with tennis teachers.

First, we hit some balls to see what your audio game looks like.  What shape you’re in.  How you’re hitting the ball now.  We find the holes in your boat.

Then, it’s time to fix your audio game.   They get rid of your bad habits — and make sure you’ve got a great, fundamental swing.

Then we adapt that for every situation you’ll be in.

In the blink of an eye, you’re a new player with a new strut in your step.

Three steps.

Evaluate.  Create. Adapt.



We start with an Audio Audit, uncovering all existing music usages, and music brand associations — and all sounds that relate to your brand.

We do a Strategic Analysis of your brand, culminating in creating an Audio Style Guide and Architecture, that articulates all our ideas going forward related to your music and sound brand.  It’s the equivalence of a Graphic Style Guide.  We clarify what ‘permissions’ you have with all things related to music and sound, and what you don’t have permission to do.



Using the toolbox of melody, harmony, instrumental, chords, rhythms and tempo — after a number of iterations, we lock into your music motif — the Holy Grail of an Audio Identity.  It’s a short, memorable piece, (usually 2-7 seconds), that sums up everything extraordinary and unique about your brand.   The process includes composing and recording.



Using the motif, we write and produce versions for every possible touchpoint for your brand.

“Mise en scene.” It’s a French expression that means ‘put it in the scene.” That’s what we do. We put music in the scene. We make the soundtrack of your company.

An audio logo to use over your graphic identity.   A library of “soundtracks” to use behind corporate videos.   Versions for corporate events and presentations to use when speakers are entering the stage.  Versions to infuse into your product or store.   We use the most-credentialed, finest musicians in Los Angeles, many with laundry-lists of Grammy and Emmy credentials.

We work with the absolute best.  Headquartered in Los Angeles, we work with the absolute cream of the crop of all talent across all disciplines.

Best songwriters and composers that align with the demographics and psycho-graphics.  Best musicians.  Best singers, background singers, choirs.  Best engineers and producers.

If your brand wants to infuse Michael Buble, or Common, or Ingrid Michaelson, or Ed Sheeran or anyone else in the music or celebrity world — we have peerless, trusted relationships with all the major and hot independent labels, music producers, managers, publishers, music societies, etc.

With almost all audio identities, you end up with an “Audio Library”; with about a dozen versions of your company “soundtrack.”  5-second bumpers to accompany your graphic logo on your website, in multi-media presentations, on Facebook applications, etc.   Derivative arrangements.  4-minute ‘scores’ to be musical beds in videos, multi-media presentations, etc.  Answering machine and hold-button versions.   Usages of the audio motif in every style imaginable for all your touchpoints.

. . . .

T he process is creative, fun, collaborative — and you’ll come away with a more focused clarity on your audio brand story, your brand permissions, and how you are emotionally selling preference of your brand over the competition.

We make your brand sing.