Emotional Branding


A big shift is happening.

Brands used to be in the business of providing their goods or services.  Now they are also media publishers and content creators.


Because technology has put them in that business — whether they like it or not.  Second, by having their own content and their own media platforms, they don’t have to rent them from somebody else.

Impressions, for the sake of generating impressions — are over-valued by brands.  They evoke the least amount of emotion and feeling.  It’s all about feeling.

Engaging a customer is a whole other ballgame.  Engaging a customer creates emotion.  And stirs feelings.

And once you’ve engaged a customer, you earn the privilege to activate them.  Get them to do something.  To take an action.

Activation is the boots on the ground that translate the value of media into commercial value for the brand.

So how do you create and sustain engagement on media platforms?

With immediacy.  If you don’t make a connection and create value as quickly as you possibly can, then you missed the boat.  Digital media moves at the speed of light and the consumer engagement can be over just that quickly.

What are brands yearning for?  A relationship with their consumers.  Any relationship only is a relationship when somebody gives you something; when there’s shared value.

So what can a brand give you that translates to value?  By making you feel something.

It has to be some form of an experience.  It’s not just the brand talking about itself; it’s not just about price; it’s not just about product attribute.  It’s about something that’s meaningful to the end user, that they experience — in the moment.  An experience that makes you feel good about yourself, and about the brand that gave you that gift.

That’s Inspire.