Partnering with Foundations

In the last few years, a number of foundations have engaged Jimmy Dunne — creating extraordinary results.

Here’s why.

Foundations are 100% emotional sells.

Private donors, corporations, and grants have many thousands of great choices of where they can donate their monies.

These decisions are tremendously impacted by emotions.¬† They’re engaged when a cause touches them, speaks to them, and emotionally assures them a foundation has the intention, the business acumen, the means, and the talent to profoundly make a difference.

Creating the right, distinctive narrative for a foundation, evolving its website, its videos, its collateral, its new media, its events, speeches for its principals, the culture on the board and with the stakeholders, every possible touchpoint occurring every day — all significantly impact the growth, health, culture, and sustainability of a foundation.

Here’s the rub.

Large, national foundations have the luxury of full-time branding, new media, and marketing teams.

Many smaller foundations don’t.

Often times, it’s an all-or-nothing outcome — with many of these tasks pot-shotted by the principals or their support staff.

Here’s the fix.

Engage Jimmy Dunne and the Inspire team of creatives.

Working part-time on a monthly retainer (or for a particular project), we aggressively, pro-actively take on all these roles.

We become meaningfully involved in evolving the foundation — emotionally and experientially declaring the profound importance, and depth and breadth of the charity.

Results are immediate.

Ask the Sheriff’s Youth Foundation that doubled their revenues in a year, and significantly fortified every single arm of their organization.

Ask the MS Society, that turned a year-end event that had generated $60,000 in profits — into a $1,400,000 event for multiple years.

We know how to make people feel what got you so passionately engaged in your foundation in the first place.

Let’s create some results together that we can all be proud of.


A few of our recent case studies:

Sheriff’s Youth Foundation

MS Society