shutterstock_315991949 C heck out some of our favorite stories speaking to the quantifiable power of strong music branding…


Advertising Age
“Brands: Don’t Let Music Be an Afterthought in Marketing”

Harvard Business Review 
“What Does Your Brand Sound Like?”

TED Talk
(Sound Agency’s Julian Treasure)
“How Sound Affects Us”

ABA Audio Branding Academy
“Audio Branding Barometer 2013

Direct Marketing
“A Logo You Can Listen To”

Advertising Age
“Music Might Be the Most Crucial Element in Your Commercial Mix”

Marketing Profs
“Does Your Company Need Audio Branding?”

Association for Consumer Research
“The Role of Individual Differences and Multiple Senses in Consumer Imagery Processing: Theoretical Perspectives”

Sonic Semiotics (PDF)
“The Role of Music in Marketing Communications”