sundheim-bww R epublican U.S. Senate candidate Duf Sundheim is a passionate, bright, engaging Californian with an extraordinary vision for the future of his state and America.

In a nonpartisan blanket primary, all candidates appear on the same ballot, regardless of their party. Political pundits overwhelmingly predicted that the two leading Democrats would run away with the two top spots in the primary.  The two leading Democratic candidates (and the Democratic Party) had tens of millions in the bank (with the labor unions ready to significantly ramp donations up, if needed, at any moment).

With 4 months to go until the primary elections, Jimmy Dunne got involved in every possible aspect of Duf Sundheim’s brand architecture and Duf’s value proposition to Californians.  Early polls had Sundheim at 1% of the vote — far behind other Republican contenders.

On top of that, the Republicans had 12 candidates canceling each other out — along with a slew of independent candidates on the same ballot.

Managing realistic expectations of limited donors’ monies and media buys, energies went into tapping into social media to be the soapbox to articulate Duf’s unique, personal, engaging message that would separate him from the pack of other Republicans — and challenge the stances of Harris and Sanchez.

Things began to click.  Duf was hitting a nerve with Californians in speeches, on radio and TV news interviews, and personal events.  With a month to go in the election, suddenly newspapers and polls were telling the story of extraordinary happening — Duf Sundheim had surpassed all the other Republicans, and was trailing Loretta Sanchez by only 5%!

In the blink of an eye, Democrats Kamala Harris and Loretta Sanchez, the Democratic Party and the deep pockets of the unions poured many millions into blanketing the state with TV ads.

All that was in the coffer for Duf Sundheim’s campaign was enough for light radio ad buys in less than a handful of markets.

To the shock of the pollsters — and the Californian Republican Party, with a fraction of media buys, Duf Sundheim captured 407,000 votes — doubling the nearest Republican candidate.  Duf Sundheim’s numbers  jumped 8 times from earlier polling rankings.

More importantly, Duf Sundheim demonstrated to the Republican Party and to his donors — that he has the story and the compelling package — to be very electable in the future.

One thing you can count on — you’ll hear much more about Duf Sundheim in years to come…