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SMU is a stunning university in Dallas — that is rocketing up the college ranking charts with each passing year.

Universities are one of the best examples of how audio identities can become of the most emotional symbols of a brand.

How can you put a dollar value to a university on Notre Dame’s “Cheer, Cheer for Old Notre Dame,” or Army’s “Anchors Aweigh,” or USC’s “Fight On?”  There’s not a dry eye at a U. of Kentucky football game or basketball game when the entire arena stands and sings “My Old Kentucky Home.”

That’s emotional branding at its absolute best; capturing everything that is spectacular, exciting and unique about a brand in music.

Jimmy Dunne’s challenge was to write a song that would emotionally resonate — and that would feel like its been around forever.  

He did just that. “SMU Forever” is being performed at myriad university events, capturing the essence of the university’s heart.

Last year, Jimmy Dunne played the song at the university’s graduation to a full arena — with the stars of its music department singing.  It was the most emotional moment in the graduation…

Not only is it performed and used at events throughout the school, SMU has taken advantage of the emotional power of music by using it in their fundraising toolkit — creating videos to emotionally speak to parents and alumni.



Music and Lyrics by Jimmy Dunne

You will always be
In my heart forever
Who’s to say where my life may go
But deep inside I know

I will feel the trees
Blanket over me
Strolling back in time
Down the boulevard

I will taste the spring
When the azaleas sing|
How these memories bring
Joy inside my heart

You will always be
In my heart forever

I will taste the spring
When the azaleas sing

In my heart forever


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