Navy_OlympicTeam_Color_IOCRings O ne of our favorite stories regarding the power of an audio identity…

USA Gymnastics came to Inspire to find a way to use music to emotionally promote their federation — and their fantastic team that was about to compete in the Olympics.  Jimmy Dunne wrote “When You Put Your Heart in It,” and USA Gymnastics declared it their “Official Song.”

Kenny Rogers recorded the song two weeks later; it was produced by legendary Jim Ed Norman of Warner Brothers Records (producer of the Eagles, “Desperado,” and hundreds of other classics).  Manager Ken Kragen (of “We Are the World”) got involved…

It was a combustion of the stars…  The Gymnastics Team won gold at the Olympics, and the Official Song played throughout NBC’s programming.   Kenny Rogers’ version, introduced a million times on the radio as “The Official Song of the USA Gymnastics Team,” quickly shot up the country and adult contemporary charts — and was honored in BMI’s “Millionaire’s Club.”

The song and emotion around the gymnastics team took on its own life…  The USA Gymnastics Team appeared on-stage doing gymnastics on the American Music Awards — as Kenny sang the song to a global audience of over one billion people.

The song played in numerous television specials and events, has been re-recorded many times, and has been used in hundreds of corporate videos with myriad licenses.   Kenny Rogers (and the entire USA Gymnastics Team) performed the song at the White House twice — for two presidents.

All because USA Gymnastics declared the song their ‘official song…’


Here’s Kenny Rogers performing the song with the USA Gymnastics Team on the American Music Awards: