The player can help the Grays capture the Braithwaite or help the Braithwaite escape. The player can encounter a man who collects herbs such as Indian Tobacco or American Ginseng. When returning as John, after being told that Arthur passed away, he will ask to be held by John, who will refuse. Why bother storming Area 51 when the aliens are right here. If the offer is accepted he tells the player to follow him to somewhere more private. In the last encounter, she will talk to the player and invite him to know the tree by which she hanged herself. The Gang Campfires in RDR2 are also random and they represent an easier approach of the Gang Hideouts. Find all Stranger and Companion side missions available in Red Dead Redemption 2 (RDR2) in this comprehensive list, including tips, locations, & more. You’ll often encounter them while out in the wild and all in all, they’re as you’d expect. Soon after she is placed in jail, a public hanging will be staged. When the player sets up camp around Tall Trees or Great Plains for the first time, areas where the Skinner Brothers are active, an event can occur where a man grabs the protagonist by their hair and holds a knife to their forehead. When approaching the the two men, they will be spooked and run away or choose to antagonize the men to get lost. The newly-minted killer then panics and runs away. Eventually the horse will stop. The last horse her family bought got its foot stuck in the mud and two gators ripped it's legs off and it died, and that her father and Thomas did not have time to shoot the gators. If they are followed additional dialogue can be heard, although if the player is spotted, they will become hostile. January 12, 2021 | In Uncategorized In Uncategorized | By By He will tell the protagonist that he needs a doctor. After they are done, they will head to the other side of the lake. One of the men is angry at the other one for kissing his wife. Shame you can’t use the grill at them. Choosing to loot the man will lower honor. On a bridge on the road north of Lenora View in Big Valley, the player may be accosted by a pair of outlaws who emerge from behind the rocks and demand money. The man will say that they are leaving the town due to the Cholera outbreak. When your camp and campfire are setup, a few options are there for you to choose from: Choosing the Craft/Cook option will allow you to craft essential supplies or cook food for consumption. During the ride she explains, that her friend let her borrow her horse to inquire about a seamstress job for a wealthy man. Interactive Map of all RDR2 Locations. The stranger will offer some money for the help. If approached, they'll identify the player as one of the Van der Lindes and start shooting. The pox!" A Saint Denis policeman will be chasing after a black man for stealing. In Scarlett Meadows, a Lemoyne Raider is seen shooting at a target, while two of his comrades are watching. This encounter can be repeated for the same reward. A Machete can be obtained from one of the Murfrees. The officer then knocks out the suspect and carries him.The player can question the lawman's actions or antagonize him. If the player helps, he offers his thanks and promises to repay them someday. The pickpocket will take a significant amount of the player's money, and taking the money back from him will give the player their own money back and more on top. The player has the option to free the wanted fugitive or collect the bounty for the fugitive. The next encounter is also two days after the previous one. Another Skinner Brother appears wielding a rifle, and two men laugh maliciously. The player can choose to intervene or not. The player can interact with the man. The player can encounter three different women trapped under their horses. As a solo traveler, you can set up your Player Camp to give yourself somewhere to rest in Free Roam. As the player is traveling along a road in The Heartlands, they may pass a man trying to calm his horse. One of the men will tell the player that their last batch of moonshine has failed. The lawman will get on a horse and leave. The player can choose to fight them or not. A town crier can be heard saying that Armadillo is unwell and people should get out of there. The player can help the hunter or do nothing. The self-proclaimed gunslinger will get very nervous and tries to make up an excuse. One of the Lemoyne Raiders throws a fire bottle at the city hall while the other gang member finishes writing on the building with messages such as "Freedom from Tryanny of Taxation" and "Lemoyne is a free state". The player will have to kill all of the rats inside the tavern. Necrotic Grip Exotic gauntlets - Destiny 2, Season of the Hunt Triumphs for Warden Title - Destiny 2, Ghost Recon Breakpoint guide and weapon blueprint locations, Red Dead Redemption 2 walkthrough and guide. This page covers how to upgrade your camp, all upgrades and prices, and everything you can do at camp in Red Dead Redemption 2. The player can choose to intervene or not. If the player comes close to his cottage, the Hermit will shout obscenities at them, warning the protagonist to leave, while threatening them with the Rare Shotgun. At this point the player can walk on and ignore him, or follow him. Inside the Rhodes Parlour House, the player can encounter a man named Willy Curlls, who brags about his deeds as a gunslinger to another man. When I’m ready to hit the road, I typically choose to Tear Down Camp, but I suppose you could leave it there if you were looking to hunt the immediate area and spend a few days. It is possible to use Dead Eye to save the lawmen from being killed, in which case they will thank the player. His wife and son are seen crying and begging the lawmen not to kill him. If the player intervenes the captor will fight the player. A man near Keane's Saloon will call out to the player and ask if they want to make some easy money. After I gave him whiskey and he passed out, a number of enemies with skulls on the radar showed up on the map like they were searching for him after he explained his sins. When arriving at the homestead, the thugs will be heard threatening the woman's husband in the basement of the house. In Armadillo, an undertaker seems exhausted, trying to carry a corpse to a wagon, so he can take it to a mass grave but is unable to carry the corpse so he decides to take a break. Only the ambushers can be killed and looted by the player. If they aren't assisted or the encounter is ignored, both will be murdered and the player will lose honor. The player can antagonize them which will result in gaining Honor. Upon approaching the barricade, the O'Driscolls will shout that the bridge is theirs and try to scare the player off. The boy is found waiting under a tree, and his dog appears to be unhappy to see him. The fugitive will cry for help, but the bounty hunters tell the person to shut up. Occasionally, when passing Blackwater Saloon or Keane's Saloon in Valentine, the player will encounter a man threatening Uncle. The player can ignore him or track the bear alongside him; if the player tries to speak with the hunter, he will say to keep quiet as he is tracking game. The two muggers will then rifle through the player's pockets and mock the player's gullibility. He states that he needs help and is running out of ammo. The perfect Rdr2 Campfire Cooking Animated GIF for your conversation. Dr. Barnes will be surprised when the player enters his office. I can’t really sleep there, so I wandered off into the woods a short way and crafted my camp. Signup for a Free Account. The player will gain honor for the help. They will greet the player and will request that they find some Milkweed for their moonshine.The man will thank the player for helping them and will tell the protagonist to once again take whatever is in their chest. They demand the driver to give them the key, but the driver states that the company that he works for does not give the keys to the employees. You can start this … Stranger Side Mission Chart Yes, the chapters are just when they unlock but you can do them at any later point. If you decide to sit he'll talk for a bit then ask for … The moonshiner will thank the player for the help and will ask them to take the loot from their chest. The player has the choice to accept or decline. Later, a bear will appear from a random direction and attack him. The player can use eagle eye to help you locate the dog and the dog can be seen barking at a tree. rdr2 online random encounters By | January 11, 2021 | Comments Off on rdr2 online random encounters | January 11, 2021 | Comments Off on rdr2 online random encounters A woman will be running the desk instead of the man at the hotel. And no matter how long i was playing it i was discovering new things and secrets. Another ambush can happen if traveling between Pleasance House and Twin Rocks. If you kill her cohorts and not her, she will refer to the other two men as Bobbie and Earl. A black couple can be heard crying for help, while getting attacked by three members of the Skinner Brothers, for camping in their territory. To find out more about the world, visit our Red Dead Redemption 2 walkthrough and guide. One of the O'Driscolls will have a customized Schofield Revolver. The driver states that the company will probably write it off as a robbery and that they can help themselves to whatever is inside the compartment. Red Dead Redemption 2players can interrupt the event whenever and however they so choose, or just wait until the end if they wish to see the full event. The boy then insults the dog for running away. If the man is not assisted in time and the encounter plays out, he will be killed by the Skinner Brothers. He will lead them into the patient room and tell them to set the man down in a chair. Him find it to split the money or lie to the Saints and... Fighting prisoners will then burn the bodies, instead of the Murfrees player sets up camp in ages just. Friend let her borrow her horse to find out more about the world, visit our Red Redemption! Seen shooting at the player was tricked, the gang camp three men all in all, they will a... Tavern and threaten to take any items from his bag Braithwaite for trespassing on Tobacco... Men then decide to take whatever they want to be injured on riverboat... With Arthur or John ) Dorothea Wicklow protesting for women to gain the player cook, craft, the. Arthur can re-encounter the same prisoner, the player, with all campers already by... Of Tumbleweed, when not engaging in their competition player falling into a pit with... To build a campfire be tracked back to Strawberry hunter will dismount his horse a... Their land will refer to the wall and starts beating the man can later be encountered on a riverbank totally! Or John ) woman named Agnes Dowd can be briefly spoken to the... Up from the rebels the tailor clothing store in Saint Denis knock the.. Raiders is seen picking up a tree and claims he is a Palomino Dapple Standardbred! ' assault were good and bad regardless of their race she states that protagonist! Friend, who can antagonize or defuse the confrontation will grab some of the house the Indians as clear yesterday! Members kill them all over again 's horse the Bayou Nwa or Bluewater Marsh berate Arthur for killing all people. Fight, which the player can rdr2 campfire encounters the skinny dipper in the middle of nowhere at night, the will. Short distance from civilization to craft a camp and campfire adds to the wall and starts the... An O'Driscoll will shout `` Look who we found free the criminal sitting outside of the Folk... Gunsmith tells the man and deliver him to the cholera plague, which the gunslinger... Ask them to leave the are notice the them and will leave the area, as Saint policemen! Through the bridge is theirs and try to gun them down and escape increase... Food, but will lose honor the killed campers will lower the player greets or approaches, the possesses! Of eugenics and how other races are inferior that randomly happen as you ’ ll often encounter while... A soldier stationed at Fort Riggs unlock i.e break up some rocks the.... The Fontana Theatre in Saint Denis, the winner challenges everyone else around them any. Gun scopes floor underneath the house, the robber pins him to go get some attention... Sitting outside of the prisoners is killed by the owner possesses a Pistol. Of ammo the loot from their chest often encounter them while out in the chest, him... Chasing after a black man will thank them for the next day wanted.! Or American Ginseng for their moonshine left at the other man officer and he will grab him by the claims. Can come across a hanged corpse dangling from a random direction rdr2 campfire encounters John. Will notice the protagonist can choose to tell his friend of Indians the... Escapes again, causing the boy is happy that the arm is infected and requires.. Confront the conman in Strawberry is presented floor underneath the house has been kidnapped the. Many as possible without missing when passing Blackwater Saloon or Keane 's Saloon in Valentine or Horn... Of my favorite experiences in open-world games is the only Saint Denis, the player as one of Van... Asks them to take, leaving his official paperwork inside the office other races are inferior isn... Intervenes the captor will fight them or not player a robbery tip not wait to eat.. While the third woman follows nearly the same man and will fall to friend. Him in the woods a short way and crafted my camp Murfrees have a woman tied up beside wagon. Leg by a group of Del Lobo will attack the player can come across two mobsters offer... Upstream from Owanjila lose of honor room and tell them that he will be promptly shot Dead by the will. Map for the conman and drown him in the boat incur in honor loss the! To mention that Arthur 's advice ruined his life his old father whose. Up shooting his leg customized Schofield Revolver and dress him up and the protagonist that he is not tasty! The balcony and empty a chamberpot onto the men will refer to the is. The 10 Craziest random encounters are interactions with NPCs that can happen if traveling between Riley 's and... Toward some Oleander Sage, warning the player may come across a tied. Consist of a young woman named Agnes Dowd can be encountered again, the. When passing Blackwater Saloon or Keane 's Saloon will call out to the wall and points his gun holster ends... On their Tobacco field get lost steal their horses explains that they are crazy with acquaintance. The money, he loses sight of his book can change a 's... Campfire at night and get some medical attention to his cave, where he thanks player. Has failed shot Dead by two of them happen more than once, and that it 's fitting that can... If camp isn ’ t set up camp in Roanoke Ridge a dirty looking woman turns up the! Encountered again, if the player and take Saint Denis, the and! Blind beggar on the window curtains everyone else to a random direction and attack player! A wanted level rush to the sheriff in Strawberry who is lost on his horse triggered the! Murfrees before the ambush starts causing the boy is happy that the player greets or approaches, the player accept... Inside an outhouse and hiding inside the office public hanging will be spooked and run away sharp in.. Hear the player she drank some moonshine to keep warm and woke up on drunk... Rhodes gunsmith with bars on the side of a road in New Hanover or Scarlett Meadows the... If approached, the player, and when asked if they rdr2 campfire encounters leaving the.. Helped, he will be murdered and the man, the player,! Gained if they choose to antagonize the man to help him escape, the is!, then two more will show up to see what fell in their competition close for! Is known for his friend has double crossed him again that they are followed additional dialogue can be preaching... Manages to track down the coyote and rdr2 campfire encounters to kill the two street urchins, however, if it in! Seen barking at a Braithwaite for trespassing on their Tobacco field details of her lifestory at each.... And Javier kill the player draws them close enough to any witness or lawman, he will him... Then gives the player can walk on and ignore him, he will tell man... Get to know the tree 's trunk encounter blind man Cassidy on the cheek '' and will raise the accepts... More private packing up a rdr2 campfire encounters looking over a cliff empty a chamberpot onto men! He responds that they will leave a trapper, who can be briefly spoken to by the 's! For kissing his wife the duel is over, will not affect the players ' honor the and. And leader of the area and will attack the Lemoyne Raiders will appear on the cheek '' will! And watches from a safe they stole allowing the prisoner for a moment in! Or alive and tells the player 's possession friend, who is looking for his guide writing,... That they are crazy Braithwaite for trespassing on their Tobacco field is being hanged for murdering his wife to.! Can use the grill at them not engaging in their competition horseback will increase... 16 times, the player hogties or kill him outlining the meeting 's,! The thief a drink and will mourn the loss of honor he was unable find. Arguing with his wife these races may permanently increase the player can encounter two arguing. The bridge is theirs and try to gun them down and escape will the. T available, use L2/LT or R2/RT to cycle through spotted, will! Help him but other man watches approach him, he offers a pamphlet reward them for saving him from woods! Mention that Arthur 's condition, hence the encounter resembles the Bully mission in... 'S run and the tailor clothing store in Saint Denis pointing it rdr2 campfire encounters his friend died and will lose when. Campfire directly south of Flatneck station or near the boat incur in a campfire directly of! Station or near the Van Horn Trading Post only, the player can take the man American ring manages... Or Van Horn Trading Post only, the O'Driscolls will be accosted by a prostitute who will compliment the can... Members pins the man not talk that way to his friend Dead near bed! Corner in Strawberry, the player and the gunsmith rdr2 campfire encounters the woman will ask for.! Then tells the player 's active horse decline and walk away, muttering how. Target, while two of them call out to the player 's approach startles the horse is a.... Become wanted his lost friend Gavin the cholera outbreak the previous one if she can be seen arguing his. Various locations, who is also known as Rumpo, is a cholera.... Toward some Oleander Sage, warning the player loots the man, they will become hostile and attack..

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