Notre Dame


Notre Dame

The fundraising, recruiting and cultural power of music

Notre Dame.  Here’s a university that gets the emotional power of music.

They have three songs that are priceless assets to the university.   Their Fight Song, “Cheer, Cheer for Old Notre Dame.”  Their Alma Mater, “Our Mother.”  Their University Anthem, “Here Come the Irish.”

All impacting recruiting of students and of faculty.  All impacting fundraising.  All impacting the pride, culture and brand of the university.

Here’s the point of this story.  None of this happened by accident.

They just don’t happen to have three emotional, inspiring songs that touch a nerve so deep in every student, every alumni and millions of their fans around the country.

It’s not an accident these songs are absolute cash cows for Notre Dame donations.

Every one of these songs has a real story.  A story of how they were purposely infused into the cultural literacy of Notre Dame.

But besides great songs, besides a number of strong recordings/videos used in every fundraising, social media and live application imaginable — the university is actively, continually working to find touchpoints and opportunities to emotionally express their brand through music.

All universities can have this.  It doesn’t happen overnight, but it’s all doable.

It’s a 1-2-3 punch.

Great songs.  Great recordings.  Great university moments.

We’d be honored to be your partner to make your university ‘sing.’

An alumnus, John Scully, wrote “Here Come the Irish” with a midwest music producer.  They brought their song to Notre Dame.  The rest is history.  Notre Dame teed up their new “University Anthem” in every emotional live and digital setting imaginable.

There are hundreds and hundreds of YouTube videos that have been created to this new, passionate music asset.

Here’s an orchestrated event in Notre Dame’s Rotunda — before a game.  A
ll of this is on purpose.  All of this creates extraordinary emotions.  The music echoing through this chamber.  The alumni/students looking up to the muses.  The ‘dance’ of the band.  The drama created by first their alma mater, “Our Mother” — segueing into an incredible orchestration of “Cheer, Cheer for Old Notre Dame.”

It’s a fundraising, recruitment and cultural bonanza.


There are a plethora of videos created by students/alumni such as this on YouTube.  Here’s a men’s choir singing “Here Come the Irish.”  The students and alumni consistently are emotionally exposed to their music assets — both through live events and new media.


The important thing about this video is that somebody at Notre Dame made this happen.  Called the Boston Pops and executed this amazing event to happen half-way across the country.  It’s the Notre Dame Choir and Marching Band — playing with the Boston Pops.


We make universities sing.

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