"SMU Forever"

Southern Methodist University's new Anthem

Writing the university anthem,
'SMU Forever'


Often times, universities, such as SMU, have an Alma Mater and a Fight Song.  A Fight Song is a ‘rally cry,’ while an Alma Mater is often a dear ballad that speaks to loyalty.

Anthems are something else.

At their best, they’re memorable, emotional songs, with chorus’ that soar, capturing the essence of the university’s heart.

Jimmy Dunne wrote “SMU Forever” — and it is just that.

At an event at Los Angeles’ Getty Center, to an audience of hundreds of alumni along with the university’s leadership, the new song had its debut over a video of university images.  Alumni were emotionally overwhelmed, resulting in meaningful, on-the-spot donations.

A university anthem was born…

Since then, it has played at a plethora of university live events, been made into university videos, and is featured at all campus graduations.

Graduates create wedding videos to the song…

New versions and touchpoints continue to evolve — further embedding the song in the cultural literacy of the university.

Music and Lyrics by Jimmy Dunne

You will always be
In my heart forever
Who’s to say where my life may go
But deep inside I know

I will feel the trees
Blanket over me
Strolling back in time
Down the boulevard

I will taste the spring
When the azaleas sing
How these memories bring
Joy inside my heart

You will always be
In my heart forever

I will taste the spring
When the azaleas sing

In my heart forever

A few of our favorite versions of “SMU Forever”
from the SMU Songbook Library

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